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Cost Savings

QuickBooks Assistance Cost Savings Example

Client was using QuickBooks for paying bills, and an outside payroll service for payroll. Came to Off-Site with a QuickBooks problem. Reviewed the charges from the payroll service. Off-Site is now providing them complete QuickBooks assistance twice a month for half the cost of the payroll service.

Pay Date Outside Payroll Off-Site Savings
    QuickBooks Payroll QuickBooks Assistance Total Off-Site Charge  
5/1/12 $73.81 $35.00 $0.00 $35.00 $38.81
5/15/12 $108.81 $35.00 $15.00 $50.00 $58.81
5/30/12 $83.81 $35.00 $15.00 $50.00 $33.81
Totals: $266.43 $105.00 $30.00 $135.00 $131.43

Payroll & Bookkeeping Annual Cost Savings Example

Example of client who had a full‐time bookkeeper, and switched to Off‐Site and hired a part‐time clerical employee.

  Full‐Time Bookkeeper Off‐Site Part‐Time
Clerical Employee
Salary FICA/Mcare Pension $42,081.79 -----
Health Insurance $3,176.90 -----
Annual Cost Salary Benefits ----- $14,868.00
P‐T Employee ----- $26,294.70
*Other Costs $3,282.38
Totals: $55,698.75 $41,162.70


$14,536.05 or 26.10%

*Other costs include Workmen's Comp, Unemployment, etc.
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